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J3 have been commissioned by various schools and academy trusts to support them with central government capital works CIF funding

Role – The role was to produce condition survey reports and other supporting documents to support the schools bid for capital works funding

Sector – Education

Size – Property size varied from 350m2 to 16000m2

Client – Various Multi Academy Trusts (MATS) and Schools

Value – J3 has help secure over £15m in Capital funding over the last 5 years

J3 work with various Multi Academy Trusts and schools directly to provide technical support for capital works bids.  The projects were mainly large elemental replacements such as roof coverings and plant room installations

All documents and reports were always delivered on time and to a high quality, which in turn enabled the various schools to secure significant funding for their required capital works projects. J3 then Project Managed the subsequent projects through to successful completions