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Clients of varying types have a need to closely monitor projects where they do not necessarily have a contractual link to the building contractor.  This can be, for example, overseeing agreed tenant’s works for a landlord, or in the more usual scenario, acting on the behalf of a funder and reviewing a project in detail from commencement to completion.

We regularly act as monitoring surveyors for banks where they have agreed to loan funding to companies for development schemes.  Our involvement is essential in order to independently review proposed schemes and give comprehensive feedback to clients so that they are provided with accurate progress reports and fully understand the basis on which drawdowns are being made.

We first conduct a thorough initial review of each project and once they have commenced on site, monthly drawdown progress reports are issued.  Our reporting always includes up to date progress photographs so that clients are kept fully updated.

Aspects checked throughout projects include:

• Statutory approvals
• Costing basis and breakdowns
• Professional team appointments
• Programmes
• Developer types/experience
• Insurances held by parties
• Monthly valuations
• Progress monitoring on site

Our involvement means that our clients can provide funding whilst fully aware of how a developer’s project is progressing and so that they can remain satisfied with the risk level involved.

For further information on Project Monitoring please contact the J3 team

CDM Principal Designer Services

The construction industry is responsible for a large proportion of accidents and fatalities in the UK.  Under the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015, virtually all construction work, including some cleaning and minor repair works, must meet the requirements.  Legal duties to comply with CDM are imposed on all parties involved in construction work, ranging from clients through to contractors and it is essential to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of site operatives is a key priority.

We provide in-house Principal Designer services to ensure that clients are complying where required and that Principal Contractors meet their obligations in setting about project work in a planned, safe and considered fashion.

Our Principal Designer can work with design teams to ensure health & safety is considered throughout a building’s lifespan.

Using an experienced Principal Designer ensures that risks are designed-out or mitigated where necessary and the stipulated documentation is in place for a given project.  This also includes F10 Notification to the HSE where this requirement is triggered.

For further information on CDM Principal Designer services, please contact the J3 team


We’ve prepared RCAs for every conceivable type of property across the UK with the combined value of properties running into the billions.

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA) is a professional assessment of a building’s rebuilding cost following a total loss. Accuracy is essential in the preparation of RCAs to ensure that the building is insured for the correct amount.  This avoids a proportional reduction in the amounts paid by insurers in the event of a claim if underinsured (known as the application of average) and conversely incurring unnecessarily high premiums in the event of over insurance.

J3 Partners have extensive experience in the preparation of timely and accurate RCAs using current and elemental cost information. Whether an RCA is required on a single property or an entire portfolio, J3 Partners are able to help with all your RCA requirements and frequently work closely with asset managers, property managers and insurance brokers to ensure that our client’s objectives are fulfilled.

The preparation of an RCA is a skilled and technical exercise. It requires both accurate measurements and calculations as well as extensive knowledge of construction methods and costs. We have extensive experience across all property sectors enabling us to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective and consistent service.

To maintain accuracy, we also recommend that all RCAs are reviewed every three years and we will include for yearly indexation.

For further information on RCAs please contact the J3 team


At J3 Partners we have a wealth of experience in representing both building owners and adjoining owners in relation to works that fall within the Party Wall Etc Act 1996.

Building Owners

At J3 Partners our project management experience coupled with our in depth knowledge of the Act enables us to take a commercial approach to acting as building owners’ party wall surveyor.

Highly knowledgeable in the workings of the Act, we also know what it means to be project managers and maintain awareness of the ‘bigger picture’. With this in mind we focus on achieving the goals of the project within the requirements of the Act rather than presenting barriers and restrictions.

Adjoining Owners

We act on behalf of owners and occupiers of all types of properties, from small residential buildings to large city centre offices. We have an in depth knowledge of both the Act and all forms of construction, so you can be confident that your interests are being well protected and the works are being carried within the constraints of the Act.

For further information on Party Wall Awards please contact the J3 team


The vast majority of commercial tenants wish to undertake fit outs and installations within their properties, which landlord clients need to understand and document in a Licence for Alteration.  We assist this process by providing a Technical Review report to landlords on proposed alteration schemes.  This provides our recommendations and requirements which landlords should ensure tenants meet, including key provisions which should be inserted into the licence documents by solicitors.

The typical aspects we review include the following:

• Proposed drawings
• Specifications of work
• Structural information (designs and calculations etc)
• Programmes
• Affects on the building in question and other occupiers
• Statutory compliance (incl. Building Control, Planning, CDM Regs)


Our service means that landlords can have peace of mind that tenants’ alterations do not have detrimental effects on their assets. 

For further information on Technical Reviews, please contact the J3 team